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Welcome to the Novacolor Re-focus!

Change, it's the essence of life. Every day, month, year, and decade we look back through our world and realize just how often change is required.

I came to NovaColor in 1994; we were a photolab. Everything was done in the dark with old school enlargers and processors. We worked with technologies which had changed very little in the previous 50+ years. When we purchased NovaColor in 2001, digital creation had just begun to force it's way into our world.

Today technology is at the forefront of almost everything we do. We create projects for customers using skills learned when we were young in the industry but honed with the new technologies into which we've grown.

So if you find yourself exploring our new site, be sure to take a look at our portfolio. You may find some things you never knew we could do. And maybe, we can find things together that none of us dared imagine ...

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